Hemogum, was founded in 1991. basicly for the production of technical rubber goods. It has it's own development units and a wide range of blending of diverse application that atend our clients demand. We produce a mixture of silicone-based, natural and synthetic rubber with the use of DIN 53529 part.3.

To test the obtained mixture using standard tests in accordance with DIN, EN and ASTM standards.




DIN standard

Shore hardness

Sh. A

DIN 53505 A



DIN 53479

Tensile strenght


DIN 53504

Elongation at break


DIN 53504

Tear strenght


DIN 53507 A



DIN 53516

Compression set


DIN 53517


With such production programme we achieve sucessfull business results with constant development, stable investment policy and constant quality improvement of the existing and the introduction of new products. We export our articles to European Union member countries. 

Hemogum applies the SRPS ISO 9001-2008 norm in it's production process of technical-rubber goods. We have our own toolroom with state-of-the-art CNC equipment, allowing us less time in production of a new product. For production of prototypes and tools we fully apply the CAD CAM CAE technology.


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